By Darian Somers
March 12, 2014

By Darian Somers

A brand new top-of-the-line composite hockey stick costs roughly $250. That's a small price compared to the old Maple one that is currently on sale for $50,000-plus.

According to TSN's BarDown blog, the Moffatt Stick, regarded as the world's oldest, is up for auction on eBay.

The current bid as of 6:30 p.m. on March 12.: $50,100 with 41 previous bids. According to eBay, the reserve for the stick still has not been met.

Mark Presley, the current owner, bought the Moffatt at a barbershop owned by George Ferneyhough for close to $1,000 in 2008. Ferneyhough received the old wand from Charlie Moffatt after it had been passed down from Charlie's grandfather, John Mumford Moffatt, who'd made it for his son, W.M. "Dilly" Moffatt, according to documents found by, hence the reason for the "WM" etched into the stick. Dilly used the stick while playing on Pottle Lake, near North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Charlie, who is Dilly's son, said he never used it to play as it was already a family heirloom by the time it was given to him.

According to scientists in a Discovery Channel documentary, the Moffatt was made between 1835 and 1838, making it the oldest known stick.

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