By nickstoico
March 13, 2014

By Nick Stoico

It's no secret that Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara has the hardest slap shot in the NHL.  At the 2012 NHL All-Star Skills Competition, it was clocked at a record-breaking 108.8 MPH, certifying that his wind-up is a warning to duck and cover. Some may even to go as far as to say that the Slovakian's slapper can be deadly for anyone who gets in the way of it, no matter how much gear they're wearing.

In new ads for Warrior's new Dynasty one-piece hockey stick, we get a glimpse of just how dangerous Chara's shot can be:

Red Wings goaltenders Jimmy Howard and Jonas Gustavsson settle in with a goalie gear-clad friend to watch some TV. What they see is a horror movie designed specifically for netminders in which Chara rips a shot hard enough to literally knock a goaltender's head clean off. The Bruins captain savors his accomplishment with a devilish smile and burst of flames -- a scenario that does not go over well with the two Detroit goalies.

While being aggressive is a commonly praised attribute among hockey players, an ad showing decapitation by slap shot might just cross the line. With this in mind, Warrior also created an edited version in which the goaltender explodes instead. Here's the cleaner version, which is more PG-13 than R:

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