By amuir29
March 18, 2014

Seattle skyline If Seattle's lucky, it will be three years before the NHL thinks seriously about awarding it a team. (Getty Images)

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• David Shoalts slaps Seattle's NHL dreamers in the face with this piece that suggests expansion talk has almost no traction at league headquarters.

• Maybe this will cheer them up. Sounds like the efforts by the Panthers' new owner to cadge millions from local government are not being well received. Can't blame Broward County officials for putting the kibosh on a proposal that would cost millions.

• Reports suggest that the NHL is considering further changes to the draft lottery that would make picks beyond the No. 1 choice subject to the whims of the numbered balls.

• It was reported over that weekend that America's Next Top Prospect, Jack Eichel, had reconfirmed his commitment to Boston University, but now it appears that he's not ruling out the QMJHL ... at least, not until after the upcoming Under-18 World Championship. Some fascinating wheels in motion here. I still think he winds up at BU, but the fact that Saint John GM Darrell Young is spending time with the Eichel family and Jack's advisers makes it clear that this situation is far more fluid than the Terriers would like.

• On Monday night, the Bruins managed to do something they've never done before against the Wild.

• With former coach John Tortorella in the house, the Lightning celebrated the 10th anniversary of their 2004 Stanley Cup win. And you won't believe what Torts did.

• Members of Tampa Bay's Cup team reunited before the game for a dinner, then celebrated with fans on Monday night.

• This was a pretty nice souvenir for everyone in attendance.

• A bold decision to retool rather than rebuild has the Sharks primed to challenge for the Stanley Cup.

• Just in case the wound caused by Zach Parise's departure had started to heal in New Jersey, Martin Brodeur ripped it wide open again.

• Dave Stubbs explains why Denver, not Montreal, is the perfect place for Patrick Roy, who returns to take on the Canadiens for the first time as coach of the Avalanche.

• The hand injury that will sideline Vladimir Tarasenko for the next month or so presents an opportunity for three of the Blues' fringe players.

• St. Louis was so happy to be the first team to reach 100 points this season that it invited the Jets to dance.

• It's a term only a lawyer could love ... or think up. Here's a look back at the origination of the dreaded upper/lower-body injury.

Matt Stajan returned to the Flames on Monday, shaken by the death of his baby son, but grateful for the support he's received from fans and the organization.

• The story of Corban Knight's first-goal puck has taken on a life of its own.

• John Vogl offers an anecdote about a coaching ploy used by the Sabres' Ted Nolan. It took me a second look to figure this one out, too.

• After nearly a decade of elite goaltending in Vancouver, Canucks' fans will have to get used to growing pains in the crease.

• Heartfelt piece here from former junior player Greg Sutch on the aftermath of the Terry Trafford tragedy, and the lessons to be learned from his senseless death.

• Northern Ontario doesn't produce NHL talent the way it used to, but there are prospects who are overcoming the challenges of developing their games in a lightly populated region.

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