By amuir29
April 03, 2014

Shea Weber could retire tomorrow and have a pretty nice career to reflect on. Two Olympic gold medals. A two-time NHL First Team All Star. A number that'll be retired one day in Nashville. A pretty good shot at the Hall of Fame, too.

But one thing that's missing from his resume is a Norris Trophy. Weber's been recognized as one of the best defensemen in the game for several years now and twice he's finished as the first runner-up for the award, but the hardware has eluded him.

That's something the Predators would like to change. They've been pushing the narrative of this being Weber's best season ever for a week or so now, with coach Barry Trotz leading the charge. "He's not getting the accolades across the league that he would if we were a little higher in the standings, but it's by far his best season in terms of production," Trotz said. "And we're basically breaking in five defensemen, maybe four … and he’s having a terrific season."

Now the team is taking the offensive one step further by sending out this promotional video extolling his virtues. Smart move? You bet. Despite universal recognition of his greatness, he's sort of a back-of-mind candidate. Even with his big numbers, his profile suffers from playing for a small-market team that's been circling the playoff drain for a couple months already.

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