By Michael Blinn
April 06, 2014

GIF via VasiliiZaytsev

By Michael Blinn

Ah, the magic puck. It's been known to torment goalies and fans alike through the years.

Often known to simply change direction at a moment's notice, the magic puck reared its head once again on Saturday, somehow spinning away from Carolina Hurricanes goalie Anton Khudobin. Some will argue that Travis Zajac's tip-in can be explained by physics while using astronomical calculations and mult-syllable words that require a Ph.D. to understand. Others will claim that it's just good old fashioned witchcraft that causes the puck to dance back over the goal line -- what else do you expect from a team called the Devils?

For those who are uninitiated to the magic puck, L.A. Kings netminder Jonathan Quick's "save" against the Calgary Flames in 2011 is probably the best known instance of rubber wizardry, though there are plenty of other documented cases currently being studied.

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