By Michael Blinn
April 08, 2014

By Michael Blinn

On Monday, the Tampa Bay Lightning set Twitter on fire when they sent out a picture of Ben Bishop, their 6-foot-7 goalie, alongside Darren Pang, the 5-foot-5 former NHL netminder who now analyzes the game in the broadcast booth. The juxtaposition of two such differently sized people is always hilarious, but the duo kicked it up a notch by swapping their equipment. Bishop, wearing Pang's old Chicago Blackhawks gear from the 1980s, looked like a teenaged player in the midst of a growth spurt, while Pang looked like a grade schooler trying on his father's pads after donning Bishop's already oversized pillows.

The pair eventually moved on from the wardrobe malfunction and hit the ice for even more equally hilarious photo ops.

As TSN's James Duthie suggests, someone should quickly get to writing a TV treatment for hockey's newest best pals, and to get the aspiring writers started, here are a few ideas:

The Buddy Cops

Legs and the Mouthpiece: Cleaning up the streets and clearing out the crease!

The Hilariously Opposite Best Friends

Panger and Stretch: Down on his luck and on the rebound, Bishop takes up residence at successful media personality and old friend Darren's multi-bedroom house -- in the tiny studio apartment over the garage.

The Workplace Comedy

The Puck Stops Here: Happy-go-lucky Ben tries to impress boss Stevie Y. with a little help from oddball mentor Pang.

The Medical Drama

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