By amuir29
April 08, 2014

By Allan Muir

Daniel Clarke Bouchard doesn't seem like the sort of kid who is at a loss for words very often.

The 12-year-old Montreal native is a piano prodigy who already has played Carnegie Hall and he's blessed with an outsized personality that'd stop Will Smith in his tracks. Both of those gifts were on display when he performed recently on Ellen.

But Bouchard isn't one of those kids who does nothing but tinkle the ivories all day. In his spare time, he straps on the pads and step between the pipes like so many other kids in Montreal. Unlike those kids, though, he's not dreaming of playing like Carey Price. His hero is Jonathan Quick, something that Ellen was made aware of ahead of Bouchard's spot on her show.

And that's what led to that speechless moment.

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