By nickstoico
April 12, 2014

Someone get @strombone1 a functioning water bottle for the lo... on Twitpic

By Nick Stoico

It's the last game of the season for the Florida Panthers, and it really holds absolutely no significance to them whatsoever -- although a win against the Blue Jackets would ensure they don't finish as the second-worst team in the league, so there's that! There's also Roberto Luongo flailing around with a dysfunctional water bottle that won't spray straight. Roberto Luongo has a great evolving reaction to his misbehaving bottle:  He looks confused, he watches it spill everywhere, he looks mad, he tries and fails to drink from it, and then he just shrugs, shakes his head and gives up -- an appropriate analogy for the Panthers' season as it comes to a close.

Gif via @myregularface

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