By amuir29
May 20, 2014

By Allan Muir

Team USA knocked off Germany 5-4 this morning at the World Championship in Minsk, Belarus. It wasn't a particularly memorable game for the young American side, but it did have this highlight reel moment courtesy of Calgary Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau.

With the game tied 3-3 early in the third period, Gaudreau danced through every German but Angela Merkel and Rammstein's rhythm section on the way to what may be the goal of the tournament.

The tally was not initially counted because it was in and out of the net so quickly, but video review confirmed the beauty.

Gaudreau ended up with a goal and three assists on the day while helping Team USA clinch second in its pool and making life a whole lot easier for the folks in charge of selling season tickets in Calgary.

Here's another look, courtesy of the ever-vigilant @myregularface.

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