NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Says Completing Regular Season 'May Not Be Possible'

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National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman acknowledged Tuesday that finishing the 2019-2020 season “may not be possible.” The league was suspended last month in accordance with COVID-19, which also saw sports in the U.S. stop to a grinding halt.
"The best thing, and the easiest thing, would be if at some point we could complete the regular season and then go into the playoffs as we normally do," Bettman said.
"We understand that that may not be possible and that's why we're considering every conceivable alternative to deal with whatever the eventuality is.” Reports have suggested the possibility of playing games at neutral venues yet Bettman stressed the need for fairness for NHL teams. President Donald Trump expressed optimism as when sports would return yet Bettman believes there is too much uncertainty to know for sure.