By Ryan Glasspiegel
December 10, 2013

This is the eighth and final episode of Tough Season, a satirical web series about a fantasy football league put together by The Onion and Lenovo. The finals are a heated match-up between the show's protagonist, Brad, and his boss's 13-year-old son. In this video, Andrew Luck, Brad's QB1, gathers the fantasy team together in the fantasy locker room to rouse them up about winning the championship.

"Look guys," he deadpans. "Some people say we're not a real team because we're never actually on the field together. Sometimes we even play against one another, and a lot of us have never met. But you know what? It sure as shrimp feels like we're a real team. We work all year -- 100% for fantasy football -- so that our coach who doesn't know us can benefit from our talent and feel like he's somehow smarter and better than his friends and co-workers."

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