By Dan Treadway
April 28, 2014

On Sunday, Deadspin published audio of what they allege to be the extended conversation between Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano. During said conversation, in which Sterling reportedly told Stiviano to delete Instagram photos she had taken with African Americans, the topic of Matt Kemp came up:

V: I didn't remove Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson, but I thought—

DS: Why?

V: I thought Matt Kemp is mixed, and he was OK, just like me.


V: He's lighter and whiter than me.


Asked about Sterling's comments, Kemp told the L.A. Times that "Honestly, I just feel sorry for him, that he feels that way about African American people.” He also added that he felt sorry for the Clippers players for having to play for a man like Sterling.

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On Sunday, Kemp changed his walk-up music to "Black or White" by Michael Jackson in a subtle, tactful move that was certainly beyond coincidence. The chorus of the song of course is "It don't matter if you're black or white."

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