By Josh Sanchez
May 06, 2014

2014 NFL draft: Redskins GM says most teams opposes later draft date The 2014 NFL draft was pushed into May by a scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall, the event's longtime venue. (David Bergman/SI)

Due to a scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall, the NFL decided to push its draft a few weeks later into the spring in 2014, turning an already long process into one that has been almost unbearable with constant rumors and smokescreens dominating the league's headlines.

Many fans and media members have voiced their desire for the draft to return to its previous time slot in April, and it appears many NFL general managers also aren't in favor of the later date.

2014 NFL draft: Latest rumors, buzz

Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen said last week that most NFL teams did not want the draft to be moved, but he did concede the value of this year's change for a team like his, which is breaking in a new coaching staff.

“I think as an organization, most of the organizations in the NFL, I don’t think, wanted the draft moved back,” Allen told the Washington Post. “But when you have a new head coach and can have that extra (pre-draft) minicamp, I think (it’s) very valuable for us. ... I don’t know if it’s gonna change our draft board at all. But it’ll be a good, eye-opening experience for everyone.”

Amid rumors of the NFL pushing the draft later still and potentially moving it to different cities in the future, the days of the draft ending in April without nearly as much exhaustive coverage seem more appealing by the day.

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