March 04, 2010
Her Name Is Way Too Normal For A Porn Star
Samantha Ryan Twitter

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Kansas clinched the Big 12 title last night with an easy win over Kansas State. But the big story today is that some adult film star named Samantha Ryan had floor seats to the game. Actually, the big story is that she got her tickets from Jayhawks assistant coach Kurtis Townsend and has been tweeting about it. (Thanks to Jason, of Lawrence, Kan., for the link.)
Money Men
There are some doozies on this list of 10 obnoxious financial quotes from sports stars.
Smell Of The Grass, Crack Of The Bat, Etc.
With baseball games in full swing, make sure you study your spring training cliché translator. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Marisol Gonzalez :: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images
Marisol Gonzalez competed in the 2003 Miss Universe pageant and now stars in a Mexican telenovela. And with the World Cup less than 100 days away, she's trying to give you some soccer fever.
Boston Blues
Thanks to some recent struggles, the Celtics are now drawing some unfavorable comparisons.
Random Sports Links
Not only is Greg Paulus trying to get an NFL team to check him out, but he also has a lot of passion. ... Michael Vick wants to play with the Panthers because they have nice uniforms. ... Tim Lincecum rocks the Snuggie.
Random Non-Sports Links
This new item at Kentucky Fried Chicken is absurd. ... Here's the best sign you'll see today. ... The six famous movie wisemen were totally full of a word I can't use on (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Sports Video Of The Day
This has been in Hot Clicks before, but with talk of the NCAA tournament expanding to 96 teams heating up, it needs to be featured again. (Thanks to Jeff Stewart, of Allentown, Pa., for the reminder.)

Sick Rapper Video Of The Day
Walker Donaldson, of Tuscaloosa, Ala., says, "Don't know if you've seen this guy, but he is awesome. He went to South America and got tuberculosis and is now being quarantined in a hospital in Australia. To keep himself occupied, he raps about being sick, and he calls himself the Fully Sick Rapper." This is pretty spectacular.

Bizarre Product Video Of The Day
Blake Justice, of Nashville, Tenn., says, "If they made a guy version, I don't think I'd ever get dressed again."

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