By Neil Janowitz
August 07, 2013


I know, I know, you're busy trying to juggle your playoff-bound fantasy baseball teams with your duties as a parent and husband and employee and, most importantly, commissioner for a half-dozen fantasy football leagues. If you'll just give me, like, three minutes, I want to tell you about a CAN'T-MISS OPPORTUNITY. Just kidding. But I do want to tell you about a fantasy league that you might find interesting. And don't tell me you have no time for another fantasy league, because you always find time for your fantasy leagues. I do, too. It's what we do.

Our companions in eventual Time Inc exile, Fortune, are hosting a "Fantasy Sports Executive League,” which is a fancy (actually, it's pretty straightforward) name for their web game that challenges players to assemble the best corporate management team. Your CEO is "pitcher", with Brazilian beer man Carlos Brito, Apple’s Tim Cook, and IBM’s Ginni Rometty as options, among others. COO is your catcher, CFO is your first baseman  etc., until you've filled out the diamond. Think Jay-Z would be a great Entrepreneur in Residence? Of course you do, and that's good, because he’s one of 10 choices for the position. Certainly a better option than that New York Times-rankling hack Elon Musk, 'mirght?

The scoring is based on three criteria: how your team matches up with the teams selected by the general pool of players, how your team compares to Fortune’s pool of expert teams, and how many of your picks are on Fortune's official team, which comes out on August 15. There are prizes for daily and weekly performance, and also for most clever team name, meaning you have a chance at winning something even if you don't know butt about business. (Of course, knowing business would probably help you be more clever. Whatever, just avoid a Carlos Danger pun.)

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