March 13, 2013

By Rob Mahoney

There is no shame in being fooled by Ricky Rubio's sleight of hand; certain players are just so clever and smooth with the ball. Even though he may not be a very consistent threat to score, Rubio tends to conjure a few points a night by some bit of wizardry alone, and on Tuesday night his deceptions made at least three Spurs his unfortunate victims -- all by way of two consecutive and identical moves. It's not often that you see a player pull off an immediate repeat of the same dribble sequence, but Rubio went behind the back from right to left in order to shed Patty Mills on the perimeter, crossed over at the top of the key and then went behind the back in the exact same fashion to evade Spurs newcomer Aron Baynes. As a bonus, watch Cory Joseph -- who is defending Luke Ridnour in the corner on the play -- when Rubio goes behind the back a second time. Joseph stares directly at the ball as Rubio whips it around his back, immediately abandons any potential to help and begins to panic as he returns his attention to Ridnour. All of this makes for an entertaining sequence when viewed in slow motion.

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