By jonathanjones9
July 12, 2012

A year before Mike McQueary saw Jerry Sandusky abusing a child in a Penn State locker room shower, two janitors witnessed similar events but failed to alert authorities.

In the Freeh Report, the independent investigation into the Penn State child abuse scandal, one janitor saw Sandusky sexually abusing a child in the fall of 2000, but decided against reporting the incident to proper authorities because he believed Penn State would "get rid of us all."

Janitor B explained to the Special Investigative Counsel that reporting the incident "would have been like going against the President of the United States in my eyes." "I know Paterno has so much power, if he wanted to get rid of someone, I would have been gone." He explained "football runs this University," and said the University would have closed ranked to protect the football program at all costs.

Janitor A witnessed the sexual abuse. A veteran of the Korean War, he said he had seen lots of things, but that he would never be able to forget what he saw in the shower.

Janitor B saw two pairs of feet in the same shower later that night, but did not see the upper bodies. Later he saw Sandusky and a young boy exit the locker room holding hands.

Later that evening, the two janitors saw Sandusky in the parking lot of the locker room looking into windows around 11 p.m. and again at 2 a.m. They presumed Sandusky had returned to see if authorities had been alerted.

regularly observed showering with youths

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