By Marc Weinreich
July 12, 2012

McDonalds has been awarded exclusive rights to sell french fries at the London Olympics. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The organizing committee for the 2012 London Olympics (LOCOG) has awarded McDonalds the exclusive rights to sell french fries at the Olympics this summer, according to Brian Fung of The Atlantic.

The decision rules that the only "loop hole" is that fries can be sold by other vendors if they're included with fish, as "fish and chips" is a popular meal in England.

Robert Booth of The Guardian said that McDonalds is expected to account for 10-percent of all meals sold at the Olympics this summer.

To sell fish and chips, the London organising committee (Locog) had to get a special dispensation from McDonald's, the official restaurant sponsor, which is expected to provide 10% of meals served at the Games.

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