By Marc Weinreich
January 31, 2013

Amani Toomer slammed Ray Lewis for his on-field antics. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images) Amani Toomer slammed Ray Lewis for his on-field antics. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer sounded off on Ray Lewis during Wednesday's Media Day, calling the Baltimore Ravens linebacker a 'caricature' of himself and said he expects his on-field antics from someone in the WWE.

Despite the comments, Toomer said he loves Lewis as a player and considers him a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection, but he told USA Today Sports that Lewis is making his current run to the Super Bowl all about himself and not the overall team, adding that the Giants would have never allowed one player to single themselves out like that during the season:

"It's definitely all about him. Once a guy goes to the center of the field, goes into the victory formation on the last play of his last home game. I just don't think the Giants or any organization I've ever been a part of, even growing up, would allow somebody to single themselves out like that. [I]f you single yourself out after you make a play, that's one thing. But to walk out on the field reminds me of the WWE, like The Rock coming out. You're becoming a caricature of yourself. It's exhausting. I don't know why somebody would want that."

Toomer, who lost to Lewis' Ravens in the Super Bowl as a member of the Giants in 2001, also thinks it's a bunch of "hypocrisy" for Lewis to call himself a religious man when Toomer believes his track record says otherwise:

"If you want to say you're Mr. Religious and all of that, have a clean record. Don't say all of that stuff if you know there's stuff that might come back. Those are the things that, when I look at him, I just think hypocrisy."
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