By Scooby Axson
February 11, 2013

Face value for Super Bowl tickets can run as much as $1,500.

Two Savannah State University students took the easy way out and walked around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Super Bowl Sunday without so much as being questioned by security and found themselves watching the game for free along with 70,000 other spectators who no doubt shelled out big bucks to attend the game.

The two posted their Super Bowl XLVII crashing on the Internet and now the National Football League says they will investigate how the two got in the game in the first place without credentials.

"NFL security is conducting a review and following up with the appropriate authorities in New Orleans," league spokesman Greg Aiello told USA Today.

The video, posted below, shows the two men walking past police officers who are posted next to a street barricade and paying no attention to the two as they make their way towards the stadium.

The duo then navigate the tunnels of the Superdome and at one point get inside an area of the stadium by simply wheeling in video equipment past a security guard and mingling in large groups. They easily make their way to the field just in time for Beyonce's halftime performance.

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