Beamon’s record stood for nearly 23 years, when it was broken by Mike Powell in 1991 by two inches. Powell’s record still stands today.RANK: 39 LOCATION: Estadio Olímpico Universitario | Mexico City, Mexico DATE: 10/18/1968 CATEGORY: Summer Olympics

By Layden
March 02, 2013

American long jumper Bob Beamon was confused why it was taking the scoring officials so long to measure his jump in the 1968 Summer Olympics. When his distance was finally announced, confusion remained – officials measured his mark in meters (8.90), leaving him unable to do the conversion math. Upon hearing his distance in feet (29 feet, 2.5 inches), he realized the enormity of what he had just accomplished—a new world record, shattering the old one by a massive 21.75 inches.

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