Jarvis Landry’s intense training regimen pushes him toward football’s elite

Landry’s tech-fueled off-season regimen has helped make him one of football’s best wideouts, and he starts this season on the cusp of even greater heights.
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On the gridiron, technology can be a game-changer—literally. Football is at the forefront of everything from analytics to tablet computers to wearables, and athletes are beginning to incorporate more of these new innovations into their training.

For players like Jarvis Landry, recovery is paramount. Landry makes his bones by unleashing his athleticism, leaping for catches or slicing past defenders and hunkering down after snagging passes over the middle of the field. Those inside routes are particularly dangerous, since they open Landry up to hits from all sides.

All of this means Landry pays special attention to recovery. At Bommarito Performance Systems in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Landry makes sure to end his workouts with a stay in the hyperbaric chamber. These strange-looking devices, which can resemble an inflated duffel bag, are pumped full of pure oxygen that Landry breathes into his lungs. From there, the higher concentration of oxygen enters his bloodstream at a faster rate, due to the barometric pressure inside the chamber. That extra oxygen then helps repair tissue damaged during workouts or games, all while Landry relaxes, checks his Instagram feed or texts his friends on his phone.

It’s hardly the only innovation at Bommarito. As trainer Adam Boily explains, Landry’s workouts include some counterintuitive exercises that help increase Landry’s explosiveness, agility and strength. He practices “over-running,” for instance, by doing sprints with an elastic band around his waist. But rather than holding him back, Boily actually pulls Landry forward with the band, to make Landry’s muscles fire even harder than normal.

Boily also works with Landry on his grip strength, focusing on his hands and wrists so that Landry can snag passes out of the air with one hand and hold onto the ball while sustaining punishing hits from defensive backs and linebackers.

Couple all these innovations with natural ability and outstanding work ethic, and you’ll see exactly why you may want to grab Jarvis Landry in your fantasy football draft this year. He’s on the cusp of greatness.