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By SI Wire
July 08, 2014

The English Premier League will consider using the vanishing spray that has been used during free kicks at the 2014 World Cup, reports the Times of London.

Referees in Brazil have used the spray to draw quickly-vanishing lines in the grass in order to demarcate the minimum distance at which an opposing wall of players must stand during free kicks.

The idea will be discussed at the next shareholders' meeting by representatives from the 20 teams in England's top-flight division, but it seems unlikely that use of the spray will be in place by the time the season starts on Aug. 16, since no meeting is scheduled until August.

Premier League referee Howard Webb, who has used the spray before, told the newspaper that it makes for better attacking opportunities.

According to the report, UEFA will also consider using the spray in the Champions League and Europa League, with a decision coming sometime after the World Cup.

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—Ben Estes

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