By SI Wire
July 08, 2014

Germany beat Brazil 7-1 on Tuesday, ending the host country's run in the World Cup semifinals. The German team scored four goals in less than seven minutes (23', 24', 26', 29'). Germany's Miroslav Klose also became the World Cup's all-time leading scorer during the game.

ESPN reports that this is just second time ever that Brazil has conceded 7+ goals in a game. (The first was against Yugoslavia in 1934.) It was also the worst ever loss by a host country.

EPOCH Times put together a list of some of the highest scoring World Cup matches.

Among the matches more lopsided that Brazil's 7-1 defeat: Hungary's 10-1 win over El Salvador in 1982.

Other high-scoring contests:

1974: Yugoslavia 9-0 Zaire

1954: Hungary 9-0 South Korea

2002: Germany 8-0 Saudi Arabia

1950: Uruguay 8-0 Bolivia

1938: Sweden 8-0 Cuba

2010: Portugal 7-0 North Korea

1974: Poland 7-0 Haiti

1954: Turkey 7-0 South Korea

1954: Uruguay 7-0 Scotland

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