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Premier League fans unhappy with ticket prices will march to the league's headquarters in protest on Thursday. The march will be organized by the Football Supporters' Federation, which will meet with chief executive Richard Scudamore to discuss the issue.

By SI Wire
August 14, 2014

Premier League fans unhappy with high ticket prices will march to the league's headquarters in protest on Thursday, according to the BBC.

The march has been organized by the Football Supporters' Federation, which will meet with Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore to discuss the issue.

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"The Premier League has money coming out of its ears through rights deals," said FSF chairman Malcolm Clarke.

"It is time some of that benefited the fans and not just players and agents."

Ultimately, individual teams set ticket prices, not the Premier League, according to Scudamore. The League did help alleviate costs last season by spending £4m ($6.6 million) on ticket discounts for fans.

"Whilst I have some influence, there is no way I can get involved in 20 clubs' individual pricing. You can't standardise ticket prices," said Scudamore.

"You never hear people talk about West Ham's £1 for children. There is always going to be a group of fans that think ticket prices are too high."

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- Paul Palladino

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