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The Ukraine football federation has called on FIFA and UEFA to suspend Russia from international play due to its actions in Crimea.

By SI Wire
September 18, 2014

The Football Federation of Ukraine has called on FIFA and UEFA to suspend Russia from international play due to its actions in Crimea, the federation announced Thursday.

In a lengthy statement, Football Federation of Ukraine president Anatoliy Konkov said the Russian federation's decision to accept several clubs from Crimea into its domestic competitions violate FIFA and UEFA rules.

UEFA has said it won't recognize the results of the three Crimean clubs that have moved, but Ukraine seeks a suspension in both international team and club play for Russia.

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From the statement:

Such actions of Football Union of Russia cause the strict negative reaction of the FFU, they are testifying explicit ignoring the basic principles of the football family, the howling infringement of the FFU’s rights and FIFA and UEFA Statutes.

Russia annexed Crimea, previously part of Ukraine, in March. Fighting and other hostilities have taken place in the region before and since the annexation. The conflict moved into the soccer world with the actions of the three Crimean clubs.

UEFA has moved several matches out of Ukraine as a result of the events in the region, and some have called for FIFA to reconsider allowing Russia to host the 2018 World Cup in the wake of the country's geopolitical actions. FIFA has so far said it won't move the tournament.

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