Graham Taylor was a former manager of England's National team
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New book claims that the English Football Association tried to impose race quotas.

By SI Wire
May 06, 2015

A new book about racism in soccer claims that the English Football Association allegedly tried to impose race quotas, The Guardian reports.

A book titled "Pitch Black" includes an alleged quote from former English national team manager Graham Taylor saying that high-end FA members told him that he should not select more than a certain number of black players on England's team, according to the report.

Richie Moran, a former Birmingham City player in the 1990s, claims that Taylor had told him about these alleged quotas that the FA was trying to set on the number of black players on the team.

"I was told in no uncertain terms not to pick too many black players for the national side," Taylor allegedly said to Moran.

Author of Pitch Black, Emy Onuora believes these instructions were a part of ongoing effort by the FA to actively control the team's "image."

"Moran’s revelation reveals that the FA’s primary concern was to preserve a predominantly white image of the England team, an image that they themselves had constructed and took great steps to preserve," Onuora wrote.

Taylor served as the manager for the English National team from 1990-'93.

- Erick Fernandez

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