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The official allegedly called female players a "bunch of lesbians." 

By SI Wire
May 20, 2015

The women's Coppa Italia final has been called off after an Italian soccer official was accused of calling female players a "bunch of lesbians," according to the BBC.  

The official, Felice Belloli—who serves as president of the country's amateur soccer association—has denied making the comment. 

The comment, which was first reported last week, was recorded in the minutes of a meeting. The remark has sparked protests at women's soccer matches around the country since it was publicized. 

Brescia and Tavagnacco were slated to meet in the Coppa Italia final on Sunday.

Belloli denied making the comment to La Gazzetta dello Sport, and said that his main concern was how the minutes managed to be leaked. 

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"I never signed those minutes," Belloli told La Gazzetta dello Sport, according to ESPN. "Can you see my signature on them? No, and I can tell you why – because minutes can be taken and amended by anybody. I know how the minutes are taken at the LND.

"All I am saying is that I did not utter that phrase. There is going to be a lot to clarify, such as how minutes taken at an LND meeting can have been distributed to the press. This is my main concern because I want to find out how that document, which is private and confidential to the LND, came out."

The Italian Football Federation is investigating the incident. 

- Stanley Kay

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