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Polish football association chairman Zbigniew Boniek says Russia should be stripped of hosting the 2018 World Cup.

By SI Wire
May 21, 2015

Polish football association chairman Zbigniew Boniek says Russia should be stripped of 2018 World Cup hosting rights.

Boniek spoke up this week in protest of Russia's conflict with Ukraine stemming from its annexation of Crimea, a border territory long-disputed between the neighboring countries.

“Hosting the World Cup in Russia is a disastrous mistake, it’s a country engaged in war, who invaded another country,” the former Juventus and Poland midfielder said, according to The Guardian.

“In 2010 when FIFA chose Russia to host the World Cup the situation was totally different," Boniek said. "But now when Russia is at war with Ukraine? There should be a clause in the contract between FIFA and the host country that enables the executive committee to strip that country in the event of a war. Or violating the charter of the United Nations.” 

In December 2010, Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup over bids from England, Spain/Portugal and Netherlands/Belgium.

The decision to award Russia the World Cup has also been criticized due to racism in the country's stadiums and Russia's stance on gay rights.

FIFA will hold its annual congress next week in Zurich.

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