Trump has reportedly put in a $100 million bid to purchase one of Colombia's most popular clubs. 

By SI Wire
August 10, 2015

In the middle of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump is reportedly interested in purchasing Colombian soccer team Atletico Nacional for $100 million, according to Colombian newspaper El Pais.

The billionaire has teamed up with Italian real-estate mogul Alessandro Proto to present a bid to purchase the team and is awaiting word on whether the team is willing to sell. Team press officer Ramon Pinilla has denied the team's interest in selling the club to Trump.

Trump has stirred up a lot of controversy in his entrance into the presidential race with comments on Mexican immigrants, calling them “criminals, drug dealers, rapists” among other derogatory titles. Colombians stars like Shakira and Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega have voiced their distrust in Trump on social media.

Trump previously owned the New Jersey Generals of the USFL, which folded after the 1985 season. Trump was a major proponent for moving the USFL into a fall schedule to compete against the NFL.

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- Christopher Chavez

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