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March 04, 2016

• How much money has your team spent in the past five years on youth development? How much in the past year?

Spent $4 million overall for five years. Spent approximately $1 million in 2015. 

• How many homegrown players have you signed? How many have played in MLS league games for your first team?

Three homegrown players signed – Diego Fagundez, Scott Caldwell, and Zachary Herivaux. Fagundez and Caldwell have seen significant minutes with the first team: Fagundez–7,338 minutes played in regular season league games; Caldwell–6,609 minutes played in regular season league games.

• Who pays to play on your youth teams? And how much do they pay?

No one pays to play on the Revolution youth teams.

• How many season-ticket holders do you have? How many did you have in 2015?

Do not disclose the total number, but have been growing at 25% a year for the past three seasons

• Where does your first team train? Did you build the training facility yourself? If so, how much did it cost?

Team trains on a dedicated grass field that is for Revolution only, here at Gillette Stadium. Team also has access to team-owned indoor turf field on-site and Revolution dedicated team training facilities. Difficult to give an exact cost as facilities are integrated into the stadium.

• Do you have a model for integrating your academy with the first team? How closely do your academy teams resemble the way the first team trains and plays?

Absolutely have a dedicated plan for integrating the academy with the first team, and, yes, it resembles the way the first team plays. Integration includes, but not limited to, academy players being invited to pre-season, academy players participating in first team training sessions, and extensive coordination between coaching staffs.

 • What’s your philosophy on the use of technology in your training and preparation for matches?

Extensive use of technology: GPS tracking system and heart rate monitors used at all training sessions for the first team, as well as select academy sessions. A strength and conditioning coach and a sports science staff member are dedicated to this.

Team also uses advanced Opta data and has a full-time team analyst who works on that. 

Match analysis and panoramic cameras system software used extensively.

• Who is your jersey sponsor? What’s your total income on sponsorships this season?

United Healthcare. Do not disclose total sponsorship income.  

• Local TV deal: How many of your games this season are shown on local television? How much is your local TV deal worth per season?

All games, other than those broadcast nationally, will be shown on local television. Team also has a post-game show and bi-weekly magazine show.

• Local radio deal: How many of your games this season are broadcast on local radio? In English? In other languages?

All games are broadcast on local radio in English and Portuguese.

• How many front-office employees does your team have? How many have you added or subtracted in the past year?

65 full-time staff and added eight new positions in the last year.

Approximately 12 additional people who have major responsibilities with the team, but who technically fall under the Kraft Group umbrella.  

• Have you hired any additional technical staff over the past year to reduce doubling-up roles? Are you planning on expanding your technical staff in the near future?

Yes, and will be adding staff in 2016. 

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