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March 04, 2016

• How much money has your team spent in the past five years on youth development? How much in the past year?

Youth development is a multi-million dollar investment with the New York Red Bulls.

• How many homegrown players have you signed? How many have played in MLS league games for your first team?

16 all time-eight in the last two years (since December 2014)

Of the nine signed before this offseason, six have appeared in MLS action. Connor Lade has appeared in 55 MLS matches for the Red Bulls, the most of any Homegrown Player in club history. Homegrown Players have appeared in a total of 140 league matches for New York

• Who pays to play on your youth teams? And how much do they pay?

All of our academy teams are free for the players.

• Do you have a model for integrating your academy with the first team? How closely do your academy teams resemble the way the first team trains and plays?

Yes we have a model to integrate the way we play throughout the organization, from the first team through the academy.

We changed our style of play last year and our academy teams are working to resemble our style of play.

• What’s your philosophy on the use of technology in your training and preparation for matches?

We are huge believers in the use of technology in training and for the preparation for matches and during matches.

• How many season-ticket holders do you have? How many did you have in 2015?

Against team policy to share current numbers; set a franchise record in 2015 since Red Bull Arena opened and already up 17% in 2016.

• Where does your first team train? Did you build the training facility yourself? If so, how much did it cost?

Red Bull New York Training Facility in Whippany, NJ, which we built ourselves. Cost undisclosed.

• Who is your jersey sponsor? What’s your total income on sponsorships this season?

Red Bull, amount undisclosed.

• ​Local TV deal: How many of your games this season are shown on local television? How much is your local TV deal worth per season?

17 local telecasts scheduled for 2016, amount undisclosed.

• Local radio deal: How many of your games this season are broadcast on local radio? In English? In other languages?

All 34 regular season games with be available in both English and Spanish on New York Red Bulls Radio on TuneIn (Tune-In mobile APP and online at newyorkredbulls.com)

• How many front-office employees does your team have? How many have you added or subtracted in the past year?


• ​Have you hired any additional technical staff over the past year to reduce doubling-up roles? Are you planning on expanding your technical staff in the near future?

We expanded our technical staff since we added a new USL team. We will look to continue to add technical staff, especially in the field of sport science.

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