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Andrea Pirlo appeared to try and tip off Josh Saunders as to where David Accam would put his penalty kick in NYCFC's season opener vs. the Chicago Fire.

By The SI Staff
March 07, 2016

Andrea Pirlo has mastered a number of skills in soccer, and one of them appears to be calling his opponents' shots and exactly where they're going to go. 

For a second time in his brief stint in MLS, Pirlo appeared to point directly to where an opposing player was going to dispatch a kick, doing so on David Accam's penalty in NYCFC's season-opening 4-3 win over the Chicago Fire. Last July, it was Pirlo pointing low and to the post to tell goalkeeper Josh Saunders that Kaka would try to put a free kick there–which he promptly did.

On Sunday, Pirlo, standing just a few yards behind the penalty taker, pointed high and to the right, precisely to where Accam scored. Saunders didn't take his advice, diving the wrong way. NYCFC walked away with the three points regardless.

Nobody under the New York Yankees umbrella has called the shot that prolifically since Babe Ruth

[H/T NYCFC Nation]

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