Tobias Sana had fans throw a firecracker in his direction, and the incident caused the Goteborg vs. Malmo match to be called off in the second half.

By The SI Staff
April 27, 2016

A Swedish top-flight match was called off in the second half Wednesday when the most unusual of events unfolded at the Goteborg's home stadium.

A Goteborg fan threw a firework at Malmo's Tobias Sana only for Sana, a former Goteborg player who was warming up on the sidelines, to retaliate by picking up the corner flag and throwing it into the stands at the fans. Goteborg's Sebastian Eriksson went over to the home supporters and appeared to yell at them after the incident, which caused the 0-0 game to be abandoned.

Watch the incredible scenes captured in this video below:

Goteborg issued an apology statement on its official website following the match, and Sana apologized as well. Via the Associated Press:

"Now that I've gotten over the shock, I feel it was the stupidest decision of my life," Sana said Thursday in statement. "There are many young people who look up to me so I really want to apologize."

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