Remember the name: Thomas Luciano scored one of the goals of the year in the U-14 match for the Brazilian club.

By The SI Staff
May 05, 2016

Thomas Luciano may go on to great things as a soccer player eventually, but it'll be hard to top what he did on Thursday. 

Luciano, a U-14 player for Brazilian club Gremio, scored on an audacious scorpion kick against Novo Hamburgo. Reacting to a rebound from a shot that hit the post, Luciano, facing the goal, measured the rebound and faced a choice. He could either try to leap and head it home, or opt for the spectacular. He did the latter, whipping his leg up from behind and connecting with his right foot to get his name on the scoresheet and highlight reels everywhere. 

Watch Luciano's amazing goal below:


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