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Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been given a one-year transfer ban.

By SI Wire
September 08, 2016

FIFA has rejected transfer ban appeals from Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid for breaking youth transfer regulations, meaning both clubs will not be able to sign new players until 2018.

Both teams were also fined and given 90 days to resolve the issues with of all minor players involved.

The ban comes after it was decided in January that both teams would not be allowed to make transfers in the summer 2016 and winter 2017 windows as they violated rules pertaining to players under 16 years old.

Players can still be released by both clubs.

Teams can still appeal to Court of Arbitration for Sport and look to resolve the issue quickly.

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“The club regrets said decision, understanding it to be deeply unjust and contrary to the fundamental principles of disciplinary law,” Real Madrid said in a statement.

Barcelona suffered a similar punishment for their respective breach of the rules in 2014.

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