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Klinsmann has said there is "no truth" to rumors linking him to England, but this poll's respondents don't care. 

By Extra Mustard
September 28, 2016

In all likelihood, Jurgen Klinsmann will not be England's next manager. In a tweet on Wednesday, the U.S. men's national team boss said there is "no truth" to the rumors linking him with the vacancy. 

But the readers of the Daily Mirror aren't having it. According to a poll on the newspaper's website, Klinsmann is the preferred replacement for ousted Sam Allardyce. 

Again, it's an online poll, so it's not exactly (read: not at all) scientific. But still, considering Klinsmann's mixed record with the U.S., the result of the poll might seem odd to some American fans.

Here's a look at the numbers around 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday. 

Screenshot via Daily Mirror

Which leaves three possible explanations: 

1. England fans are completely unaware of Klinsmann's full track record. 

2. The poll's respondents are overwhelmingly disgruntled U.S. men's national team supporters. 

3. Klinsmann himself has voted hundreds of times. 

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Readers of the BBC preferred Arsene Wenger. We'll let you decide what this says about each site's readership. 

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