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Who will win the 2016 MLS Cup? We make our expert predictions.

By Staff
October 28, 2016


Toronto. TFC had one more point than LA in the regular season, which will allow the Reds to host a final against the Galaxy in chilly Toronto. Look for Giovinco to provide the defining image of the 2016 MLS season as his team raises the trophy.


I said I wouldn’t abandon FCD entirely. They’ll get this far. But in the end, the team with more talent wins, and Toronto has it. Pareja and Dallas will lift an MLS Cup, but not this year. Toronto has all the pieces and after long trips to start each of the past two seasons, TFC has no problem hitting the road for the final. Toronto erases a decade of misery and wins a squeaker at Toyota Stadium. 


Toronto FC spent inordinate amounts of money on Giovinco, Bradley and Altidore, then spent wiser money filling the gaps and building a team ready to succeed in MLS. It's going to be a bloody big deal when they win it all, especially when Drake magically appears to crash the locker room celebration. 


FC Dallas. They were my pick at the start of the season, so I can’t abandon them now. 


Other than the league office itself, which would be popping Champagne if a New York-LA matchup materialized? I'm going with the Red Bulls.

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