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Howard Webb is working in the USA with PRO, and he's starting to develop the soccer lingo of his new surroundings.

By Grant Wahl
March 15, 2017

The Englishman Howard Webb, one of the most famous and respected referees in soccer history, worked the finals of both the UEFA Champions League and World Cup in 2010. Webb recently moved to New York City to take on a new position as manager of Video Assistant Referee operations for the PRO referees organization. In a recent interview for an upcoming Sports Illustrated magazine article, Webb caught himself in an amusing linguistic moment.

“They had every chance to score from the PK,” Webb said, then stopped and laughed. “Oh, I’m speaking like an American already. I’ve never said ‘PK’ in my life. I’m even calling the tube a ‘subway.’”

I told Webb it was O.K., and that Bob Bradley would surely thank him for it down the line.

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