Video: Liverpool duo takes on swarming pack of 30 tiny children

It was a surprisingly even match. 
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As Liverpool fights to stay in the top four of the Premier League, two Reds players kept sharp by facing off against some really stiff competition—30 spry children from the club’s youth setup. 

Philippe Coutinho and Georginio Wijnaldum faced off in a match against a swarming horde of kids from Liverpool’s U9 team and the young ones gave the pros everything they could handle. 

Coutinho and Wijnaldum had a U9 goalkeeper on their side but were left to fend for themselves against a staunch defense.

Watch the video above to see how it turned out, but let’s just say the Liverpool men didn’t fare as well as Bayern Munich’s Arturo Vidal and Xabi Alonso did against 40 children.