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The Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals Happening in 2022

Top mattress brands are offering beds at major discounts over Cyber Monday.
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Cyber Monday is about finding great deals on quality products for the gift-giving holiday season. It’s the time of year retailers and manufacturers alike offer up their biggest bargains, rebates, sales and discounts—all with the hope that holiday shoppers will take advantage of these deals and get something nice for their loved ones. Of course, plenty of people also take this opportunity to buy a little something special for themselves. And rightly so!

Case in point: Cyber Monday offers up some of the best deals on mattresses you’ll find all year. High-quality mattresses that are out of reach for many shoppers at any other time suddenly become far more affordable on Cyber Monday. If there’s a mattress you’ve had your eye on for a while—or you’d just like to invest in better sleep ahead of 2023—the moment to make your move, score a great mattress and do so while saving money is just around the corner.

We’ve researched the Cyber Monday mattress deals for 2022 to compare savings and mattress quality (using online customer reviews) to help you along on your mattress deal hunt. We sifted through not-so-great discounts, filtered out ho-hum mattresses and compiled the best of the best Cyber Monday mattress deals right here on this list. So, all you got to do is jump on your favorite mattress deal and get ready to hit that snooze button when you’re enjoying your new bed.

The Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals of 2022

Best Overall: Saatva Classic
Get up to $500 off

Saatva Classic

Customers online are raving about their Saatva Classic, a hybrid innerspring mattress with 884 individually wrapped coils and active wire support. Couple the undeniable sleeper satisfaction we read online with Saatva’s Cyber Monday sale and, well, you’ve got yourself the best overall mattress deal of 2022. The Saatva Classic is built to minimize motion transfer (so it’s a go-to-choice for anyone sleeping with a partner) and its dual-coil system is designed to pull heat from your body and keep you cool. The Saatva Classic is an impressive mattress at an incredible Cyber Monday price.

Best Hybrid Mattress: Helix Midnight
Get up to $450 + two free pillows

Midnight Mattress

The Helix Midnight mattress is designed to deliver the best of two worlds: The pressure-relieving properties and cushion of gel memory foam together with the body-cooling and responsive feel of innerspring coils. And for good measure, the Helix Midnight is also built to offer great edge support and isolate motion. Toss-and-turners who sleep hot may want to pay extra attention to this one.

Best Affordable Mattress: Nectar Original
Get 33% off sitewide

Nectar mattress

An already budget-friendly mattress is now even more affordable this Cyber Monday shopping season. The Nectar Original mattress is designed for pressure relief and responsiveness, thanks to its five adaptive memory foam layers and edge protection. The Nectar mattress also sports an eco-friendly tencel cover and a vegetable-based polyurethane. Oh and all Nectar mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning they meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. That’s pretty sweet.

Best Innerspring Mattress: Brooklyn Aurora
Get 30% off sitewide

Brooklyn aurora mattress

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress ranks among one of the best on the market for hot sleepers according to customer reviews. But let’s take a minute to appreciate the Aurora’s multiple foam layers and innerspring coil design. Customers frequently call out its comfort and support, properties which are owed to the Aurora’s 2-inch premium foam layer that contours to your body, a 1-inch gel foam layer for pressure point relief and up to 1,032 individually wrapped coils.

Best for Couples: DreamCloud Original
Get 25% off everything + $599 of free accessories


The DreamCloud mattress combines gel, air, latex and traditional memory foam with individually wrapped innerspring coils to provide pressure relief while cushioning and supporting your body from head to toe. This mattress takes the top prize in our “couples” category for a design that’s intended to offer edge support, increase airflow and cut motion transfer. And according to customers, DreamCloud delivers on all fronts. So, whether you, your partner or both stretch out, sleep hot or toss and turn during the night, the DreamCloud clears the way to a better night’s rest for both of you.

Best Cooling Mattress: WinkBed
Get $300 off

Winkbed Original

Nearly every feature of the WinkBed mattress was designed to keep you cool at night. Its breathable moisture-wicking top cover is made from material known to be far cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton and its gel-infused foam and dual-coil system move heat away from your body while you sleep. And lest you think the makers of WinkBed went all in on cooling and forget about the other aspects of comfort, the mattress is designed to support your pressure areas, cushion your joints and give you responsive support to the edge and back.

Best Memory Foam Mattress: Casper Original
Get 25% off

Casper Original mattress

Here’s your chance to score a great deal on the Casper Original mattress. Constructed from CertiPUR-US® certified foam, the Casper is designed to offer pressure relief and spine alignment across three ergonomic zones within its second memory foam layer. And if you sleep hot, not to worry. The Casper’s top layer is a breathable foam designed to help keep you cool.

Best Luxury Mattress: Purple Classic
Get $800 off a mattress set 

Purple Classic mattress

The Purple Classic mattress is all about helping you recharge for the day ahead. Thanks to its 2-inch thick, ultra-breathable gel grid made from hyper-elastic polymer, the Purple Classic helps to relieve pressure points in your body and keep your spine aligned during the night. And customers online are singing its praises for doing both.

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