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Onnit Kettlebells: Should You Splurge or Save?

Onnit Kettlebells are a fitness cult favorite. But are they worth the high price tag?
Onnit Kettlebell Review

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Kettlebell training can be an excellent way to build strength and power. In fact, studies show that just six weeks of kettlebell workouts are enough to increase your explosive strength by nearly 20 percent. This makes kettlebell workouts an effective alternative to traditional weight training that lifters can easily do at home. Kettlebells can be used for a variety of cardio or strength training exercises, including squats, lunges, lifts and shoulder presses. Plus, kettlebell workouts have the power to boost your heart health, neuromuscular function and overall fitness level.

Since kettlebells are small and don’t take up a ton of space, they’re a great piece of fitness equipment to invest in for a home gym. You can also invest in a full kettlebell collection with kettlebells at different weight levels, like Onnit Kettlebells. These kettlebells have gained traction in recent years, thanks to the Onnit brand being co-founded by podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan. Still, despite being popular in the fitness world, are these pricey kettlebells worth the buy? Here’s what we think about Onnit Kettlebells—and whether you should splurge or save.

What is Onnit?

Launched in 2010, Onnit is a fitness brand for men and women that was co-founded by podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan. It offers a variety of fitness equipment, including maces, clubs and yoga mats, plus on-demand workout videos designed to be used with the brand’s equipment. All in all, Onnit has more than 250 products available and is considered to be a fitness industry leader; the brand even made the Inc. 500 list in 2020.

Onnit also offers supplements for digestive health, sleep, mood, performance and more. Onnit also carries its own nutrition product lines like protein powder, MCT oil, coffee, tea and snacks. In addition, the brand sells custom fitness apparel. Yet one particular product line remains the most sought-after in the Onnit brand: Onnit Kettlebells.

What are Onnit Kettlebells?

Onnit Kettlebells Revew Lifestyle

Onnit Kettlebells are a line of kettlebells that come in eight weight levels. They range in weight from 6 kilograms, or 13 pounds, at the lightest end, and go up in weight to 32 kilograms, or 70 pounds, at the heaviest end. These sizes can also be listed in poods, which is a Russian measurement of weight often used to describe kettlebells. One pood, for example, equals 36.11 pounds. Onnit Kettlebells are color-coded to correspond with each weight level, so it’s fairly easy for users to familiarize themselves with what colors go with lighter and heavier weights.

All Onnit Kettlebells are forged from a single piece of solid cast iron, which makes them a high-quality and attractive option for lifters; kettlebells made out of multiple pieces of iron or with plastic plugs, for example, could potentially lose connection during workouts or bodybuilding. Onnit Kettlebells are also manufactured with a gravity cast molding process that creates a smooth, even finish; this also helps ensure that weights are accurate. Lastly, they’re made with a rust- and chip-resistant powder coat, which helps prevent scratches or kettlebell damage.

These cast iron kettlebells can be used for cardio, strength training or CrossFit. They can be substituted in place of traditional weightlifting equipment, like dumbbells and barbells, to build muscle mass and endurance. They can also be used to increase grip strength, which is often a common goal amongst lifters. Onnit Kettlebells workout routines can include kettlebell snatches, deadlifts and more, all of which can easily be completed in a home or garage gym.

In addition to its traditional Onnit Kettlebells line, the Onnit brand sells a Primal Kettlebells line, which are designed with the face of a different primate (such as an orangutan, howler monkey, gorilla and more). Primal Kettlebells come in five weight levels and have a higher price point than the Onnit Kettlebells line. Still, they’re unique enough to have their own culture behind them; it’s not uncommon for diehard Onnit fans and collectors to rave about their “primate collections.”

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Onnit Kettlebell Specs

Weight (Kilograms)Weight (Pounds)Weight (Poods)Price Per Kettlebell











Light Blue






























Howler Primal Bell





Chimp Primal Bell





Orangutan Primal Bell





Gorilla Primal Bell





Bigfoot Primal Bell





Standout Features

Onnit Kettlebells Chimp

There are numerous reasons lifters and fitness gurus gravitate toward Onnit Kettlebells. These kettlebells are designed for some serious heavy-duty lifting, especially the more high-end Primal Kettlebells line. Enlarged handles on each Onnit kettlebell help give lifters an ultra-secure grip that’s roomy enough to fit both hands. Onnit Kettlebells are made from a single piece of cast iron and finished with a chip-resistant powder coat, so it’s truly hard to scratch them. Since Onnit Kettlebells aren’t designed with any plastic parts (like plastic plugs), they can withstand a lot of force. While dropping weights is never recommended, it’s likely that you won’t cause any damage if you drop Onnit Kettlebells occasionally. The powder coat also gives these kettlebells a smooth feel, making them gentle on the hands without being too slippery. The rust- and chip-resistant finish allows lifters to use chalk with these kettlebells at any time as well.

Still, Onnit Kettlebells aren’t just for heavy lifters. The kettlebell weight variety included in this set is another standout feature that makes Onnit Kettlebells so sought-after; you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or serious athlete to use them. With the lightest Onnit Kettlebell coming in at just 13 pounds, it’s a great option for beginners who want to build their strength, or for those who are simply looking for lighter exercises. Plus, being able to choose from eight weight increments in the Onnit Kettlebells line and five weight increments in the Primal Kettlebells line means you can easily progress in your weightlifting journey, going up or down in weight as needed. You can also quickly switch from single-arm to two-arm workouts, thanks to the different weight options.

With the Primal line’s sleek design and primate features, the line truly feels collectible and adds a nice touch to any home gym. While Onnit Kettlebells have a more traditional look, their unique color-coding makes them simple to use. Lifters can feel good about always grabbing the correct weight. A flat base on each kettlebell also makes them easy to store, preventing wobbling or toppling over.

While Onnit Kettlebells can be pricey, especially for heavier weight increments or the higher-end Primal Kettlebells line, they’re comparably priced to similar quality kettlebell lines. It’s best to plan and budget accordingly if you’re interested in buying several weight increments, but be sure to do your research; you may not need as many as you think to achieve certain workouts (for example, 2-3 kettlebell weights could be enough).


  • Numerous weight increments available
  • Enlarged handles for one- or two-handed grips
  • Smooth, non-slippery finish
  • Made out of solid cast iron construction
  • Color-coded for easy use
  • Collectible designs


  • Buying a full set can be pricey
  • Only available in select physical stores
  • Weight range may be too light or heavy for some
  • Might not be worth buying to use for warmups only

Who Should Buy Onnit Kettlebells?

Onnit Kettlebells are a great buy for bodybuilders and serious lifters, especially those who use kettlebell weights as a regular part of their fitness routine. This kettlebell set has a higher-quality construction that will likely outlast more cheaply made products, particularly those with plastic parts or multiple pieces of cast iron. Therefore, Onnit Kettlebells could save you money in the long run if you’re finding that you’re going through cheaper kettlebells quickly. However, even beginners or lighter lifters can still benefit from Onnit Kettlebells, thanks to eight weight levels in the original line (13-70 pounds) and five weight levels in the Primal Kettlebells line (18-90 pounds).

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Who Should Avoid Onnit Kettlebells?

Onnit Kettlebells may not be a good purchase if you don’t use kettlebells often. Since these come with a higher price tag, they’re probably not worth the buy if you’re only using them for warm-ups; for that, a lower-end kettlebell will likely get the job done. If Onnit Kettlebells’ starting weight of 13 pounds is too heavy for you, you may want to consider buying a lighter brand. On the flipside, if Primal Kettlebells’ heaviest kettlebell of 90 pounds is still too light, another brand would be a better choice. They’re also not competition kettlebells or adjustable kettlebells, so if either is your goal, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Onnit vs Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells are one of Onnit Kettlebells top competitors. That’s because they each have a similar design, look and feel. Both are constructed out of a single piece of iron, color-coded and made with a flat base. Onnit and Rogue are also household names that are both considered to be top brands in the weightlifting community. Each set is high-quality, durable and sleek.

Still, there are a few telltale differences that set Onnit Kettlebells and Rogue Kettlebells apart. The biggest differentiator is the weight range that Rogue Kettlebells offers. Unlike Onnit Kettlebells, which have a weight range of 13-90 pounds, Rogue Kettlebells have a weight range of 9-203 pounds. This means that Rogue’s kettlebell set offers both lighter and heavier weight options that may be better for some lifters, especially those looking for very easy or very challenging workouts.

All in all, Rogue Kettlebells have 18 different weight options. Onnit Kettlebells only have eight in the standard line and five in the Primal Kettlebells line. Yet despite the weight differences, Onnit Kettlebells still beat Rogue Kettlebells by about $20-$30 for products with similar weights. If you don’t need particularly light or heavy weights, Onnit Kettlebells will give you the most bang for your buck without skimping on quality, durability or style. However, if you’re in need of very light or very heavy kettlebells, then you may want to lean towards Rogue Kettlebells. Regardless of the line you go with, both Onnit Kettlebells and Rogue Kettlebells will give you a solid workout.

What do customers have to say about Onnit Kettlebells?

Onnit Kettlebells Standard

Onnit Kettlebells have consistently received solid reviews from customers on both their official website of and on Amazon. Many users buy one kettlebell and often purchase more, with one reviewer writing, “I started with one and now have a set of five.” Users praise the shipping and handling of Onnit Kettlebells as well, saying that they’re securely packaged.

Onnit Kettlebells’ quality and construction is another major talking point amongst customers, especially when it comes to the handle and kettlebell shape; one reviewer writes, “I like the size and texture of the handle, and the flat bottom is key. Overall, you can tell that this is a very well-made kettlebell.” Other reviewers on Onnit’s site say that the kettlebells are smooth, with one reviewer claiming there are “no sharp edges”—an important quality in weightlifting equipment. Amazon reviewers say that Primal Kettlebells also hold up well, with one buyer mentioning that he “banged it around while doing some swings and it survived without a scratch.”

Still, price remains a concern for other users and even becomes a hindrance to buying more than one Onnit Kettlebell. An Amazon reviewer writes, “This is one of the best purchases I’ve made. Just have to bring the price back down and I’ll purchase more.” All in all, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most negative reviews focused on price and shipping fees.

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Have more questions about Onnit Kettlebells? We’ve got the answers. Here’s everything else you should know before you consider making a purchase.

Does Joe Rogan own Onnit?

Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan is the co-founder of Onnit, which was founded in 2010. Although Onnit was sold to Unilever PLC in 2021, Rogan continues to play a major role in championing the brand. He often promotes Onnit’s products and remains a 50% shareholder.

Do I need one or two kettlebells?

Whether you need one or two kettlebells will depend on what types of exercises you want to do and how heavy of a weight you want to lift. Most kettlebell workouts can easily be done with just one kettlebell, like kettlebell swings, snatches and deadlifts. However, if you want a more balanced distribution of weight, such as for lunges, then you may want to use two kettlebells.

How do you use kettlebells?

Kettlebells can be used for cardio and/or strength training exercises. This includes both one-handed and two-handed workouts. How you use kettlebells will ultimately depend on the type of workout you do, but most kettlebell exercises will require you to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, you’ll either hold the kettlebell by the handle or hold it between two hands. For a kettlebell squat, stand as described above and hold the kettlebell between your hands. Gently lower your body into a squat position, bringing the kettlebell down with you. For a kettlebell swing, follow this same standing position and hold the kettlebell by the handle with two hands. Then, “swing” the kettlebell between your legs and upwards as you hinge at the hips.

Are Onnit kettlebells worth it?

For many users, Onnit Kettlebells are definitely worth the splurge. While these kettlebells are higher-end and pricier than more basic kettlebell products, they still cost less than their competitors without sacrificing quality or construction. Not only do these kettlebells have a sleek look and finish, they offer a great workout that many users rave about. The extra-wide grip also makes two-handed kettlebell workouts much easier to do with Onnit Kettlebells. Plus, you can rest assured that these kettlebells are designed to last, since they’re made out of solid cast iron construction and finished with a rust- and chip-resistant powder coat finish. All in all, Onnit Kettlebells deliver their promise—a great workout, top-notch product and efficient weight-lifting experience.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to kettlebells or a seasoned kettlebell pro, Onnit Kettlebells can help you achieve your weightlifting or fitness goals thanks to their durable design, wide weight range and ergonomic touches. These unique kettlebells are worth the buy, but it’s important to consider your fitness needs, budget and overall time commitment before making a purchase. If you don’t plan to use kettlebells often or only want to use kettlebells in your warmup, then you’ll likely benefit from a lower-end kettlebell (and save on the higher price point). Still, if these kettlebells meet your weightlifting goals, then they’re worth the investment and will likely last a long time.

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