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Fisher Price Unveils Ted Lasso Little People Collectors Set

Fisher Price's latest Little People Collectors Set is sure to make you believe.

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While we’re all eagerly awaiting season three of Ted Lasso to arrive on Apple TV+, there has to be something we can still believe in, right? And Fisher Price is giving us something even more tangible with the Ted Lasso Little People Collectors Set

Yes, the latest drop for Fisher Price’s beloved line is six of the best from Ted Lasso. For just $29.99 you get downright adorable figures of Rebecca Welton, Keeley Jones, Coach Beard, Roy Kent, Sam Obisanya, and Ted Lasso. You also don’t need to wait, but rather can swim like a goldfish and pick one up from Amazon or Walmart right now.

The figures themselves stand at 2.5-inches in height and Fisher Price didn’t gloss over details here. Coach Lasso himself features his classic mustache and accurate game day attire, while Coach Beard is rocking his hat and a clipboard with a potential play. Keely is ready for action with her phone and Rebecca is strolling with a classic pink box filled with three biscuits — might we add they appear to be untouched.

Ted Lasso LPC_Packaging_Front

All-star player Sam Obisanya is ready to hit the pitch rocking his proper uniform— number 24—and boasts a soccer ball, while player turned coach Roy Kent has his not-so-friendly game day face on. And whether you remove these from the packing or keep them in, you’ll recognize the backdrop as the AFC Richmond locker room. Including a box of biscuits above the lockers and the “Believe” sign right above the doorway.

Around the back of the packaging you’ll find an animated take on the six characters hanging out in Coach Lasso and Beards office. And similar to the details on each figure, Fisher-Price loaded this scene with easter-eggs. Keep your eyes peeled for green army men, the yips, darts, and a nod to a dog that is gone but not forgotten.

All-in-all it’s a practically perfect set that will not only delight you from the moment you unbox but each time seeing it after that. And if you’re after some complimentary decorations, Amazon’s got a boat load of Ted Lasso gear—like the Believe sign, some AFC Richmond clothing or even a replica mug—that even a goldfish will remember for longer than 10 seconds. 

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