By Dante A. Ciampaglia
November 06, 2013

larry fitzgerald nokia 1020
"Larry's son and his bud rocking out at the local animal park"

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is known for his big-time catches and leadership on the field. But did you know he's also an amateur photographer? When he's not playing football, travels and takes photos of the places he visits and people he meets. Last October, Fitzgerald told Sports Illustrated that he has two camera with him at all times: the Canon G12 and 5D-Mark 3.

Recently, Nokia added one more piece of equipment to his gadget bag. The company gave Fitzgerald one of their new Lumia 1020 phones — which is equipped with a whopping 41-megapixel camera — to snap some pics of his life off the gridiron.

Fitzgerald took a bunch of photos with the device, and shared with his teammates to snap some pics, too. Yesterday, a selection of those photos were posted online. Check out these sample images, then head over to Flickr for the full set.

larry fitzgerald nokia 1020
"Larry hitting the weights — no pain, no gain!"

larry fitzgerald nokia 1020
Here's a close-up on the mirror from the last photo to give you an idea of how good the camera on the Lumia 1020 is

larry fitzgerald nokia 1020
"Larry putting in his time in the training room before practice"

larry fitzgerald nokia 1020
"Larry getting some much needed R&R"

Photos: Larry Fitzgerald, taken on his Nokia Lumia 1020

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