By Sam Page
February 11, 2016

Kobe vs. Lebron

Kobe Bryant made his final appearance as a visiting player in Cleveland last night when the Lakers lost to the Cavs, 120–111. The Cavaliers' fans saluted Bryant as he left the game with a big hug from LeBron James:

Kobe for LeBron

Bryant's send-off in Cleveland also drudged up reports of a Kobe-for-LeBron trade that never happened back in 2007. At the time, both players were in their primes and the Lakers' star was unhappy, coming off several disappointing seasons. Bryant briefly requested a trade, and according to ESPN, the Lakers tried to accommodate him by offering him straight-up to the Cavs for the young King James.

Cleveland of course said no, but it leaves me wondering what could have been. A James-based dynasty in L.A.? Or a Bryant-James team-up in Cleveland when he hit free agency. 

Big air in the ballpark

As part of the Big Air event there today and tomorrow (part of the snowboarding and freeskiing U.S. Grand Prix tour), Fenway Park features a giant snow ramp. The ramp starts high above the outfield wall (about where you'd find some David Ortiz home runs) and ends near home plate. Check out some pictures and the video below.

A quick strike for USWNT

But wait, it gets better...

One rude bunny

Former Minnesota Wild forward Zenon Konopka tweeted a photo of his pet bunny holding a sign calling for coach Mike Yeo's firing:

Yeo, for his part, seemed more concerned with the opinion of the bunny than that of Konopka:

Today's Peanuts

(Photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Cam Newton had a great 2015 season, but he did not enjoy his first trip to the Super Bowl very much, with the Panthers losing and people questioning his effort and complaining about the length of his press conference after the game.

Newton seems to be in a situation where he could use some cheering up, and an 8-year-old named Stephen Graham is up to the challenge, which is why he wrote the NFL MVP a letter and a makeshift trophy to brighten his day.

“Dear Cam Newton, I’m sorry you lost, but here is a paper trofy.”

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No word on if Newton has received the letter yet, but when it does arrive, the contents will surely bring back the quarterback’s signature smile.

[For The Win]

AP Photo/John Locher

Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon will become the first woman to serve as an assistant coach in the NBA All-Star Game, and told For The Win that it nearly did not happen because of Greg Popovich’s reluctance to coach the Western Conference team.

Hammon and other assistant coaches reportedly convinced Popovich to head to Toronto and coach.

“Life just has a funny way of just getting better,” she said. “I was able to take advantage of an opportunity and obviously when you’re an assistant coach to arguably the best coach in basketball history there’s lots of perks that come with it.”

NBA first half: 12 things we've learned

Hammon was named the first full-time female assistant coach in NBA history in 2014 and also became the first female head coach of an NBA Summer League team. She led the Spurs to the 2015 Las Vegas Summer League title.

“I can’t tell you just how many women come up to me and they’re so proud—and men too,” she said. “Dads that have daughters and sisters and mothers, they’re just so genuinely excited that doors and opportunities are now being opened.”

Hammon is also a former WNBA star of the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars.

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