By Sam Page
March 10, 2016

LeBroooon Jaaaaames

Have you ever seen the "LeBron James kid" Vine? If not:

And then there was the sequel after this buzzer-beater:

Well guess who got introduce James before last night's Cavs/Kings game??

Bryce Harper rails against the unwritten rules

There are supposedly "unwritten rules" in baseball. Don't admire your own home run. Don't act too emotional on the mound. Well, Washington's Bryce Harper doesn't like these conventions and thinks the sport could use a little more fun:

“Baseball’s tired,” he says. “It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself. You can’t do what people in other sports do. I’m not saying baseball is, you know, boring or anything like that, but it’s the excitement of the young guys who are coming into the game now who have flair. If that’s Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom or Manny Machado or Joc Pederson or Andrew McCutchen or Yasiel Puig — there’s so many guys in the game now who are so much fun.

“Jose Fernandez is a great example. Jose Fernandez will strike you out and stare you down into the dugout and pump his fist. And if you hit a homer and pimp it? He doesn’t care. Because you got him. That’s part of the game. It’s not the old feeling — hoorah ... if you pimp a homer, I’m going to hit you right in the teeth. No. If a guy pimps a homer for a game-winning shot ... I mean — sorry.”

I agree with Harper and think MLB could learn something from the great bat-flippers of the Korean Baseball Organization:

Deep range on the court and on the green

Kobe on the kiss cam


Today's Peanuts

(Photo credit: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The Ivy League will hold four-team men's and women's conference basketball tournaments beginning in 2017, the conference announced Thursday.

Both the men's and women's tournaments will be held on March 11 and 12 at The Palestra in Philadelphia, Pa. Every Ivy League team will shorten its regular season schedule by one game as a result.

“The presidents adopted the proposal to establish men's and women's basketball tournaments after thoughtful discussions and careful review of the thorough information provided by our athletics directors and head coaches,” Yale President and Council of Ivy League Presidents Chair Peter Salovey said in a statement. “Ultimately, this decision was based on enhancing the overall experience for our basketball student-athletes, while also paying attention to time demands by shortening the regular season.”

The conference tournament will determine which team earns the league's automatic bid to the NCAA tournament, rather than the regular season champion as the conference is currently structured. Yale won the Ivy League title this season to end its 54-year NCAA tournament drought.

GARDNER: Amid controversy over expelled captain, Yale makes tournament

The top four seeds will be determined by regular season standings, with the No. 1 seed playing the No. 4 seed in one semifinal and the No. 2 seed playing the No. 3 seed in the other.

“The structure of our basketball tournaments is consistent with our model of college athletics and the format allows us to preserve the significance of the regular season,” Ivy League Executive Director Robin Harris said. “Most importantly, this creates a landmark event during March Madness for our basketball student-athletes to anticipate while they are in school and to cherish throughout their lives after graduation.”

- Andy Wittry

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has signed a two-year, $41 million contract extension, reports the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Brady will receive a $28 million signing bonus, and $28 million of the extension will be guaranteed money, Rapoport reports. His base salary in 2018 and 2019 will be $14 million, up from his $8 million base salary in 2015.

The extension was originally reported last week but the value had not been disclosed.

Brady, 38, will remain under contract with the Patriots until he turns 42. By the time his contract is up he will have been with the Patriots for 20 years.

BEDARD: NFL free agency: Grading every deal

Brady led the Patriots to the AFC Championship Game last season, completing 64.4% of his passes on the season for 4,770 yards with 36 touchdowns.

- Erin Flynn

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