By Will Yoder
October 24, 2011

Twitter aficionado and Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco agreed to be a guest lecturer in a social media class at Emerson College in Boston, Mass. after a tweet from a professor, according to NESN.

Social media marketing professor, David Gerzof Richard appealed to Ochocinco via a tweet with the hashtag, #ProfOchoCinco. His attempt to reach the wide receiver, despite the massive influx of tweets he receives daily from his over three million followers, was successful.

Gerzhof tweets “@ochocinco hope you're having a good Sunday off, let's connect on #ProfOchoCinco in #ESM @EmersonCollege when you get back to #Boston.”

Ochocinco responded, saying he would be “honored to share [his] ideas and thoughts” with Gerzhof’s class, but would have to “ask the #Hoodie boss,” (an obvious reference to coach Bill Belichick) if he was allowed to.

Apparently the goal of this assignment was to get the player’s attention through a social media channel. The class hopes for Ochocinco to guest lecture sometime this December.

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