By Will Yoder
October 25, 2011

Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace’s hearing was postponed today until Nov. 1, according to The Detroit News. Wallace is currently facing drunken driving and weapons charges.

Wallace was reportedly arrested Sept. 24 after officers said they saw his Cadillac swerving. A sobriety test showed that Wallace’s blood alcohol level was over the .08 legal limit. The former All-Star reportedly told officers that he drank four beers before he made the decision to drive.

Officers also reportedly found an unloaded gun, registered to Wallace’s wife, in a bag in his backseat.

The Detroit News reports that Wallace was advised by his attorneys to waive his right to a preliminary hearing because it would have been held before the same judge who sentenced fellow NBA star, Jalen Rose, to jail time for his first-time drunken driving offense earlier this year.

Wallace could potentially face up to 93 days on the misdemeanor drunken driving charge, and as much as five years on the weapons charge.

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