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Theo Epstein Explains Why He Left The Boston Red Sox In Op-Ed Piece

Former Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Espstein wrote an op-ed in today’s Boston Globe explaining to Red Sox fans why he made the decision to leave to join the front office of the Chicago Cubs.

“Had you told me then that the Red Sox would go on to raise not one but two World Series flags, I wouldn’t have believed you,” Epstein wrote. “And had you told the 12-year-old me that I would someday walk away from my dream job as general manager of the Red Sox completely of my own volition, I would have thought you were crazy.

I think that kid would appreciate an explanation - and so might some of you.”

Epstein went on to explain that prior to this season's historic collapse by the Red Sox he had already planned to leave the team after the 2012 campaign. According to Epstein, he subscribed to a theory that former San Francisco 49ers coach and executive Bill Wash used to promote, that coaches and executives should seek change after 10-years with the same team. He went on to affirm his belief that both sides benefitted from this type turnover.

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