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La Russa Takes the Blame for Bullpen Snafu

Speaking with reporters Tuesday at Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa insisted that the miscommunication between the dugout and bullpen Monday was his fault, according to an Associated Press report.

According to La Russa, he called down to the bullpen twice Monday night to get closer Jason Motte warmed up. The first time he called, he concedes that he probably said Motte's name too late for bullpen coach Derek Lilliquist to hear. Lilliquist only got Marc Rzepczynski ready. The second time, though, Lilliquist apparently misunderstood him and got Lance Lynn up instead.

As it turned out, only left handed Rzepczynski  was ready to face Mike Napoli with the bases loaded, not the right handed Motte. Napoli laced a two-run double, breaking the tie and putting the game away.

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